Tonight’s Gusty Sunset

And it is gusty as H E double hockey sticks with possible gusts to 70mph until morning. My house is again making weird noises including the front door. Gladly, these storms diminish during the scorching summers.

23 thoughts on “Tonight’s Gusty Sunset

  1. Great photo! Wind is my least favourite weather feature. We are getting another blizzard and in fact it has already started, lots of closures already for tonight and tomorrow. Blah winter…….lol

    • Blah indeed! A huge snow storm is moving across our northern tier states now and I’m sure that the provinces are feeling it too, Susan. Stay toasty!

    • You must like wind to live here, Barb! The house was making some weird noises last night. Cracking sounds and debris hitting the sides of the house. Desert life!

        • Well, my house is 26 years old and has seen a lot of this crap so it was built well. I just don’t like how extra cold this winter has been here. And, in west-central Florida where my dad is too. 🥶

          • I have you beat darling. This house was built the same year I was born, which we’re not going to discuss! 😂 Similar to yours, I can only imagine the stories these walls hold.

            These little houses were placed here for men to stay the weekend while fishing at the lake. They were also rented out to writer’s looking for solitude and inspiration, so it’s serendipitous to live here. I agree, it has been cold, but each day I see Spring sprouting. 🌞

    • Thank you! I’ve been through a few ice storms, they are usually very destructive to trees and much more. My metal fence around the yard was energised by a fallen wire and a small tree was cut in half by a live wire. Yuck.

    • Thank you, sir! The wind is forecast to possibly hit 70mph which I believe have already hit my house in the last 30 minutes. The front door creaks and the sound of the wind from the fireplace is creepy. I have checked all of the places that can cause issues here. Hatches secured as best I can. 😬

  2. I love that picture, John. It’s gusty here too, but maybe not quite as much as what you have. Trouble is, it’s also cold and that will be the case all week. A little bit of snow is in the forecast too. My poor daffodils are already peeking out of the ground about 6 inches (no flowers yet). I hope they don’t mind being a bit chilly for a while. Spring has to come soon.

    • Spring needs to hurry the heck up for so many, Anneli. Florida has been a bit under the normal temperatures as has Las Vegas. I hope your flowers survive the cold. ☺️🇨🇦 And, thank you for the compliment. ☺️

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