Last Night’s Gusty Sunset

These are the other sunset photos from last night, the sun going behind the mountain and houses really made these photos. Partly sunny and just 48 degrees for the high today. What the hell? It was 66 degrees two days ago! I hope your weather is warmer than here…

11 thoughts on “Last Night’s Gusty Sunset

  1. Gorgeous. If it makes you feel any better, we just got a massive snowfall yesterday followed by freezing rain. I’m not looking forward to shovelling my driveway this morning.

    • Thanks so much, Bridgette! I happened to look out the kitchen window and saw this which resulted in a dash for the Nikon!

    • Hi Eliza, thank you for following my site! I see on TWC this afternoon that a snow storm is kicking bum all across the northern tier states, stay warm! The entire country has had strange weather this winter. It has been much cooler than usual here and in west-central Florida where my dad stays in winter instead of Michigan. I prefer our scorching summer weather to this.

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