Fuzzy Mountain Photos

I don’t know exactly why this happens, but my photos of the mountains which are many many miles away won’t clean up and look a bit sharper. Perhaps it’s the lacking 200mm lens.

A 600mm lens would be fantastic. Or, this is plain old operator error which I am not embarrassed to say. There is some fresh snow on top of Gass Peak today.

25 thoughts on “Fuzzy Mountain Photos

  1. Really these mountains are so beautiful… Fascinating me always. And sure you capture them so beautifully too. Thank you dear John, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • I agree, Susan! The valley is mostly surrounded by mountains, they make great navigation markers too. Tough to get lost here! You can also use the Stratosphere Tower since it’s about 1000 feet tall.

  2. I guess the different atmospheric conditions and the amount of moisture bounces the light waves about from up there. Your images are lovely, maybe there’s a way to capture the fuzziness that you are happy with.

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