Good Morning Photos

Good Saturday morning, friends! I was still half asleep when I grabbed the Nikon and stepped outside into the cool morning air to get these photos. The sun was still very low on the eastern horizon which set up the palm trees for a beautiful green glow.

Can you believe that the sun actually poked out of the clouds? A chance of rain is in our forecast today which sucks, but at least I got some decent photos. How’s that for dedication to the hobby?

17 thoughts on “Good Morning Photos

    • Well, we got a bunch of rain overnight which is very much needed! The sun is shining this morning after two days of gray sky. Yuck…

    • Moody indeed! We’ve had two days of gray sky and wind, finally got some needed rain overnight and the sun popped out today. The sun does still exist…

    • Thank you, Allie! It started raining here about an hour ago, sometimes hard then soft but we need every drop for Lake Mead. The Lee Canyon ski lodge has had way more snow this winter so the skiers are happy. It doesn’t snow more than a spit down here in the valley. 👍🏻

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