Southwest Jet and Blondie

Good Monday morning, friends, are you ready for the new week? Sunny, windy, and 55 degrees are on tap for the valley today. A bit more heat, please, so that biking will be more comfortable. Here are two old photos, the aircraft was photographed while on approach to McCarren International, and Blondie is still as cute as ever today!

9 thoughts on “Southwest Jet and Blondie

  1. Lovely Blondie! Bleesing and Happiness! And I loved how you took the plane… as if I can catch it from its back… Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • She’s so sweet, I miss her! I am away from her for months at a time of course, yet when I arrive there, she sniffs me and recognises me instantly! Smart girl. ❤️

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