Fuzzy Mountain Photos

I don’t know exactly why this happens, but my photos of the mountains which are many many miles away won’t clean up and look a bit sharper. Perhaps it’s the lacking 200mm lens.

A 600mm lens would be fantastic. Or, this is plain old operator error which I am not embarrassed to say. There is some fresh snow on top of Gass Peak today.

Good Morning Photos

Good Saturday morning, friends! I was still half asleep when I grabbed the Nikon and stepped outside into the cool morning air to get these photos. The sun was still very low on the eastern horizon which set up the palm trees for a beautiful green glow.

Can you believe that the sun actually poked out of the clouds? A chance of rain is in our forecast today which sucks, but at least I got some decent photos. How’s that for dedication to the hobby?

Pulling Out The Old Stuff

Once again I am out of fresh material, so here are some random older photos for ya. It’s gray above me today which makes it the perfect day for full couch potato mode but I’d rather be on the bike somewhere in the city. Does a gray sky make you feel gray too?

Raw Las Vegas

By raw I mean how grungy the black and white photo looks yet you can still pick out some distant objects if you look hard. What a blah day it has been in terms of weather with a gray sky and a cold 45-ish-degree temperature. I miss biking but it’s much nicer here than back in Michigan and elsewhere.

Big Mountain

These Nikon photos aren’t too good but you get the idea, right! I was heading home from the cardiologist’s office, and the doctor says I will live! Good checkup after that damn stress test a few days ago. It is currently cloudy, windy, and 45 degrees. What the hell, winter needs to make like a tree and leave.