Soon To Go Silent

My sister will be arriving tomorrow so this blog will go silent for at least two days. Stick around, I’m sure that I will have some great new photos from our travels to share with you! I am totally out of photos right now, so here is an old sunset photo for you. It’s 53F currently here, brr!

White Capped

The nasty weather over the last two days has once again left the nearby peaks with a bit of snow up there while it rained like hell down here. Look at the top of these iPhone photos, you can see two areas with snow. It’s a whopping 49F right now, blah! I hope that it’s warmer where you are.

Desert People Under A Gray Sky

And, this morning is just as gray with 43 freaking degrees! Man, I have had way more than enough of this chit. I hope that next winter will be a normal winter with warmer days and far more sunshine like it usually is. How is your weather today, better than ours? Look at the difference in these photos!

Another Rainy Day in Las Vegas

It rained yesterday after my bike ride, and it was and still is raining this morning too. Well, we need the rain very badly and I had to go out to get my medication before my sister arrives in two days. I used the Nikon with the 200mm Nikkopr for these rainy photos. How is your day going?

The Tivoli Courtyard and Familiar Architecture

Again, I am using some older photos from when I take too darn many! My bike ride takes me past this building which I really like for its clean lines. The Tivoli Village courtyard as I think of it is roughly one-quarter the distance of my ride to reach it. I stop here and call my dad and sister sometimes to say hey what’s up! The sun is popping out so maybe there is a ride in store today after all as it rained overnight.