A Soaked Morning

Wow man, I awoke to driving rain about thirty minutes ago and it is still driving hard! It’s better than snow and Lake Mead needs the water too so it’s a good thing but kind of rare to wake up to rain which sounds nice hitting the skylight. Is it dry where you are today?

11 thoughts on “A Soaked Morning

  1. Rain is always welcome in the desert, I would think. After yesterday’s storm of 6″ snow, the sun barely came out before more clouds rolled in. Freezing rain tonight. Don’t you feel better? πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, I do! I forget where you are but it must be way up north. I’ve seen many a freezing rain storm back in Michigan over the years. We neeeed this rain so badly, it is very welcome! Funny thing is, about an hour and a half after it stopped, the roads were completely dry! The current humidity is around 32% outside and just 16% in my house!

  2. It’s better than snow, John but it’s still miserable. But… as you wrote we need water. By the way, you have a very nice backyard!

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