It Got Deeper

The deluge continued until ten minutes ago when the sun made an unexpected appearance. When the pavers were installed in 2019, the guy obviously got his level wrong. There is gladly an outlet in the block wall near where the wall touches the house, thanks fella for the flood! Are ya tired of my house yet?

13 thoughts on “It Got Deeper

    • Thank you, Rebecca. You’ve mentioned that there is a drain under your home, I hope the drain stays clear for you when the rains come. 🙏🏻❤️

    • Hi Pooja, it won’t get into the house because there is a small opening at the south end of the wall, or fence as we call it here. The puddle is still there but it will go away in a few hours. ☺️

  1. Seems like there is a low spot and you could use a drain installed there, John. I guess that would not make much sense where you are living in ordinary times, but for those times you get a lot of rain, it might help.

    • I would have the pavers pulled up and reset properly if it was a serious problem but the water never gets in the house or garage. It is a concern though. The sun is out now but rain will return.

        • Hi Venus, the crazy winter weather continues! I was surprised to see rain when I woke up but we need this so badly, we better not complain! Stay dry. I bet it’ll rain again this afternoon…

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