The Colonel’s Chicken Wrap

Recently, the KFC folks released a chicken wrap, you may have seen the TV commercial too. There is a KFC near me so yesterday I stopped in and grabbed two new wraps for five bucks. What is my verdict? Nah. I’ll pass on these going forward, they were okay but frankly, a good old taco would be much tastier. Sorry there, Colonel. Do you eat KFC? The rain stopped but I think we’ll have more later today.

Learn more about Harland Sanders right here.

14 thoughts on “The Colonel’s Chicken Wrap

  1. We do have KFC over here (Scotland) but I never visit. I think youngsters like that kind of food but it tends to be a bit on the expensive side and not so tasty. What we do see are loads of KFC and McDonald’s litter everywhere – along with empty Red Bull cans. I guess that’s the same everywhere. When I was a youngster, the police used to communicate with people who littered through the medium of a good hard slap around the ear! No real deterrent these days.

    • I’m so sorry, Rebecca. πŸ™πŸ» My local grocer has very yummy chicken pies and turkey pies available two or three days a week. Hugs. 😊

  2. I love KFC. It’s my favorite Chicken. I just have to try to forget what I am actually eating and how they are treated, when eating it.
    I personally miss Long John Silvers Fish and Chips. Their Hush Puppies we’re delicious, too.

    • Hi Anne Marie, you are exactly correct! It’s the same thing when you take a good look at the sodium content in most foods today. Check the labels on canned products, frozen dinners and more. Salt is not something humans need in great quantity so why do so many folks have high blood pressure? I battle high BP daily with lots of medications and check my BP frequently during the day at home. Sodium can be thought of as an epidemic…

  3. It has been many decades since I had any KFC. I remember a fish & chips chain called “H. Salt Fish & Chips”. They were very good, but not around long when I was growing up.

    • That’s too bad, it sounds delicious, Lavinia, I love fish and chips. KFC and my tummy don’t usually agree which is why yesterday was probably the first KFC I’ve had in over one year. 😩

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