Lotsa Palm Trees!

I love seeing these beautiful Mexican Fan Palm trees all in a row like this. Both photos are looking westward. The other photo that is a bit higher up was taken on the bridge that crosses the 95 freeway. I had an appointment with the dermatologist this afternoon, taking care of this aging body is expensive!

6 thoughts on “Lotsa Palm Trees!

    • They are almost magical! ☺️ I remember being under palm trees as a kid more than once regardless of growing up in Michigan. Palm trees are actually not a native species to the Mojave Desert. However, they seem to do very well here with proper care since there must be hundreds of thousands or more of them here. 🌴

  1. I love Palm trees! In the first photo, they look like giants standing in a row.
    I hope your visit to dermatologist went well, John.

    • I love your interpretation of the palm trees, Kaya! I found out that the doctor is also a native Michigander who grew up two counties north of me! It’s a small world, isn’t it?

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