Really Cheap Gas

Wouldn’t it be great to pay 39 cents for a gallon of gas? Terrible’s is a local chain gas station with locations all around the valley. I like the handshake painting that someone painted on the junction box in front of the transit station. And, that cool shadow is in Tivoli Village of course for those of you who are regulars here.

I rode the bike just twelve miles today since it was only 58 degrees. The sixties are coming starting tomorrow so says the weather channel.

10 thoughts on “Really Cheap Gas

  1. I like your photos and yes it would be great to pay less for gas! We pay far too much and really there is not a good reason for the high prices. It is about $1.46 a litre here and 4 litres is just short of one gallon so we are paying about $6.74 a gallon. Not sure what you guys are paying……….

    • That is more expensive than here I think it’s about $4.50 a gallon for 87 now but that will surely go up or down soon. Nobody knows the real reason for this, do they…

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