Tourists Visiting Red Rock Canyon

Many thousands of people visit our beautiful Red Rock Canyon each year. Winter is the preferred, favorite time of year for the rock climbers and hikers in that area which is roughly eight miles southwest of my place. To see Red Rock Canyon proper you need to make a reservation these days and of course, pay the fee to enter this beautiful 12-mile scenic drive.

15 thoughts on “Tourists Visiting Red Rock Canyon

  1. So beautiful dear John, and in every photograph hitting… I wished to visit there too. Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

  2. We tried to visit Red Rock Canyon on the last day of our road trip in January before we returned to Las Vegas. Because of all the rain overnight, the park was closed due to flooding. They managed to reopen an hour later, but only for a bit. We were one of the cars that they let through, but we didn’t stay long because it started to rain again and one of the roads became flooded. It’s too bad as it looks like a beautiful area.

    • Oh, you were here! It sounds like came in mid or late summer when the monsoon season was in full swing. Those rains can flood the Strip sometimes!

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