The Dog Wizard

These photos are from a few days ago on a bike ride. There was no dog training going on so apparently someone left this item behind. Sunshine and sixty degrees are on tap for the valley today, there may be a bike ride in-store today. On a different note – my dad has been in the hospital in Florida for two days now and is feeling better today according to my sister. He has fluid in the lungs which is going away quickly. Can I get an Amen! Dad is 94 years young and will be 95 next month! Love you, dad!

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    • Yeah, I didn’t catch what was going on there but they apparently left this thingy behind. Thanks so much, Bridgette! He is coming home today, I am grateful for my sister being there to help him! Sorry for the delayed response.

        • Thanks, I spoke with him and my sister this morning, he will be in the hospital another day or two. Sister and I agree that he needs much more care now, staying home by himself in Florida or Michigan could be a risky thing by himself.

          • Sounds like this might be a new and difficult time for your family filled with hard conversations and decisions. I wish the best in navigating it all.

    • Thanks very much, Bruce! ❤️ He should be going home today! He is in the same hospital in Florida that I was in about 4 years ago with a kidney stone, nice hospital. ❤️

    • Thank you, Susan, he called me this morning. He should be discharged tomorrow and feels much better today! ❤️☺️

    • Thanks so much, Anneli! My dad has never backed down from anything including time. Just before he went to the hospital, he was driving his 1914, Peirce Arrow car on an antique car tour! Don’t get in his way!

  1. John, I wish your dad good health and hope that he gets better soon.
    I am glad to hear that your dad is feeling better today.

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