A Great Day To Be Alive!

Fresh air, sunshine, blue sky with beautiful wispy white clouds. A perfect day to bike 18 miles!

14 thoughts on “A Great Day To Be Alive!

    • Thank you! That sky has vanished this morning, another windstorm has set in with gray sky and gusts to 65mph possible. What a change!

    • Thank you, Anneli! Such a great day in many ways. A 70 degree day is on the way in a few days so I need to hit as many days as I can before the summer swelter hits, haha. I need to try and ride more this summer, figure out a way to deal with the 100+ heat. πŸ”₯

    • Thank you! It’s still T shirt weather this afternoon too, but when I ride I wear a sweater with a jacket over it. It’s all about the windchill factor at just 15 miles per hour! πŸ˜‚

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