Two Day Old Biking Photos

Going through my comments this morning, I noticed that I am not too good at replying to your comments in a timely manner and had to go back a couple of days to reply to them. I apologise for this, my friends. I tried to ride yesterday but headed home after a mile or so because of the cold wind and the windchill factor. Supposedly, we will see 65 degrees today, I hope so! That is a perfect temperature for riding.

8 thoughts on “Two Day Old Biking Photos

    • Thank you, Derrick! I find different things to photograph each ride. That bell was still hanging there when I rode past yesterday. 😂

  1. Is the top image some kind of bike track? 33F here today. There’s a cold wind blowing in Scotland tonight! Or, as they say here: Thare is a cauld win` blawin in Bonnie Scotland. Best pat oan yer taps aff bunnet, jaiket, breeks ‘n’ bits.

    • That’s a mouthful, Richard! So cool! If you are referring to the V-shaped concrete, that is one of many flood control channels all over the valley.

      During monsoon season, the rain comes down from the barren mountains very fast.

      The city has a vast series of channels and detention basins to capture the water which is dumped in the Las Vegas Wash which eventually finds it’s way to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Tons of engineering!

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