Flip Flop Weather

This morning’s weather is a huge flip-flop from yesterday’s beautiful blue sky and sunshine. Wing gusts to 65mph are possible, welcome to the Mojave Desert life! It’s safe to say I won’t be riding today.

7 thoughts on “Flip Flop Weather

  1. Just got back and already missing Vegas – maybe not the 70mph wind gusts coming through Spring Mountain Ranch and Red Rocks.

    • The storms have never done anything really bad to my place in 4 years, it rained for around half an hour this afternoon which is good.

    • I’ve heard many people say that, Susan, you don’t want to live here! It’s still blowing pretty hard. This is how it is here and normal.

  2. It’s a good idea not to ride your bike today, John. The sky is so threatening but beautiful.
    Excellent photo!!!

    • Thanks, Kaya, the wind transfers into a windchill factor that makes riding miserable. My home is warm and comfy! I actually keep my bike in the house.

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