Biking Under An Angry Sky

Good Sunday morning, friends! Did you also not know that the Spring Forward was going to happen overnight? Neither did I and it sucks. This time change has got to stop. Can someone please tell me why this still happens? Yesterday’s wind has gone, for now, perhaps a ride today.

19 thoughts on “Biking Under An Angry Sky

  1. Hoping the wind died down a bit while you were riding – we had to fight the 70mph winds coming down from the mountains when we were there.

  2. I didn’t even realize that it was daylight savings time until I woke up Sunday morning and noticed a difference between the time on my phone and the microwave. I’m with you on this and think we should get rid of the time change for good. It throws off my whole sleep schedule.

  3. We don’t have time change in Saskatchewan, but I never really understood why it is so unpopular. Our power goes out so regularly (for a few minutes to an hour) that I am always resetting our clocks anyway.

  4. It seems only the politicians delay the change. Here in BC, we are told it is important to wait for the USA to change first. I have my fingers crossed that maybe this year is the last.

    • I didn’t know that Canada does this nonsense too, sorry about that but why should Canada wait for the states to change first? I understand that our countries are friends and that we have probably the longest undefended border on the planet. But, Canada should go ahead and make the first move. β€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€οΈ

      • I agree, but they keep saying it is all about us being trading partners. Apparently, businesses have an issue with the adjustments. Eight hours, I understand, one hour, not so much.

        • The states have 4 zones, I’m not sure how many Canada has, Allie. We are trade partners but I don’t see why these zones would affect that… I’m no business man!

    • I think the entire country has had enough, Beth, yet the dolts in WashinKton are apparently deaf. Thank you! ☺️

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