Time Changes Your Life So Much…

The photo of the circa 1966 Johnson Skee Horse was taken from Instagram, it is not my photo but it brings back fun memories from the 60s and snowmobiling with the family on Vanetten Lake and all around northern lower Michigan and up in Da Yooper too.

Thank God for the wonderful memories! The sunset photo is a leftover from the other day. At 62, I am thankful for the memories and am amazed at how much my life has changed in fifty years!

I’m heading out for a bike ride very soon, see ya later today, y’all!

8 thoughts on “Time Changes Your Life So Much…

  1. I try not to look “too far” back – hard not to feel regret for all the things that could have been done along with moments of sadness from all the great moments that can never happen again. You have me by a few years, maybe I’ll change, for now forward ha. That is one old snowmobile.

    • I agree, Kaya! If I could turn back time, the mid 60s is the place to go going forward. ☺️

  2. That is such a cool old snowmobile! I think I mentioned to you before there is a museum in Northern Ontario and it’s a snowmobile museum, such an interesting place

    • Hi Susan, yes, you did mention the museum. I’d love to see it. That snowmobile is the same model I remember my grandpa riding, the family was on one of our long rides through the forest. I remember looking back and watching grandpa just fall right over with the sled as it tipped over! He was such a funny man, I love him. Many more memories… ❀️

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