Rampart Boulevard, Northbound

Man has the wind really picked up! It must be gusting to at least 40mph right now. There is also some flash flooding happening around the city too, thanks to that damned atmospheric river that the weather channel talks about. California takes the biggest beating on its coastline. Will the state break off and float away?

8 thoughts on “Rampart Boulevard, Northbound

  1. I agree to a point. I am originally a California Girl but I have lived here 7-8 years. This place is getting expensive like California which really sucks.

    • It’s Las Vegas, it was expensive before the pandemic, now it is even more expensive thanks to the pandemic. You will find this everywhere in my opinion.

    • For sure in the last year or so. I despise the politics and the jokers who run that state. Many Californians are leaving because of it and some come here which I am not a fan of. There is a bumper sticker here that says “Don’t California my Nevada”. What does that tell ya!

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