Places Along the Trails

These photos show points along the trails I ride when the darn weather permits lately. The trails consist of sidewalks and also dedicated trails put together by the city of Las Vegas with grants for construction. Sunshine and 63 degrees are on tap for today which sounds great.

10 thoughts on “Places Along the Trails

  1. Sounds like you’ve found some great spots to go biking. Our town isn’t very cycle friendly, but they’ve been trying to change that over the past couple of years.

    • That’s for sure, Allie! I do have to cross some big roads though like Lake Mead Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue but those roads have elevated bike paths which is really nice. Yet, I do have to cross other smaller roads and most of the time folks are pretty good about stopping when they should.

  2. Those are nice trails to drive on! I don’t like driving through cities on my bike unless they have dedicated trails/bike lanes. We have rain here today and plus 7 Celsius, almost spring like! Have a good weekend John and Happy St Patrick’s Day

    • Thank you, Susan, you too! There are no dirt trails around here that I am aware of but there surely are in the surrounding desert. I have seen eBikes out there a few times. It’s sunny and 57f here just now, maybe a ride is up!

    • They are so ugly! Gotta laugh at them. Maybe they look like that because they are located on a golf course… Still ugly! 😂

    • Haha, Richard! There are miles upon miles of bike trails put together by the city of Las Vegas. I don’t ride dirt but sure could with the fat tires on my eBike! I avoid the Strip and casinos like many of us locals do. We’ve seen it and have had enough of it.

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