9 thoughts on “The Burning Electric Bus

    • I agree, I doubt anyone was hurt but it makes me mad. These creeps have zero respect for anything it seems. I’m glad that I was born and grew up in the 60s. We were taught respect for people and property.

    • I’ll take your diesel every time over electric, Marcus! IG asked me in so many words with the Fact Checkers haha that the video should be taken down which I did. IG is fun but a pain in the ass at the same time with the censorship. 😡

    • I uploaded this to Instagram, they asked me to take it down because of their so-called Fact Checkers that don’t believe this is real. Asswipes!

    • I agree! Instagram asked me to take the video down based on their “Fact Checkers”, they think it’s fake. I say they are into censorship! They are owned by the evil Facebook too which is so sad. I remember IG before the evil ones took over.

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