The Lion

I haven’t done a lion at Tivoli Village in a long while so here it is with a little processing. Sunny and 63 degrees are the forecast for this Saturday, a little better riding weather than yesterday.

My sister will be visiting me in a few days for about two days so when she is here, I will be taking a break from the blog so that we can get out of town to show her Red Rock Canyon and The Valley Of Fire State Park which is located well north of Las Vegas. It’s gonna be fun!

12 thoughts on “The Lion

    • Thank you, Susan! She has been to Vegas a few times over the years, but has never ventured out of the city so I am going to show her what I see as the Real Las Vegas!

    • Thank you, Anne Marie! This is hinging on how well my dad is doing, he was in the hospital for several days recently with fluid on his lungs. He’s home now in Florida and doing much better thank God. Have a happy weekend! ☺️

    • Thank you, Lavinia for the well wishes visiting with my sister. 😊 The lion is such a cool part of the village, he appears all over as little lion heads!

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