eBikes Are Much More Fun!

It’s tough to explain exactly why I enjoy riding an electric bicycle so much more than a non-powered bike. Could it be the ease with which you can quickly cross a busy road? Or, the fun of powering up an incline or long, steep hill?

The more you pedal, the more battery power you retain which of course extends your ride distance. My typical ride is between 15 and 20 miles which results in about 45% drain on the large battery pack.

The batteries used by Pedego consist of top-quality products from the likes of Panasonic and other well-known manufacturers. A $2200 bike should never have cheap components of course.

So, here’s a quick explanation of why I love riding an electric bike. Isn’t it ironic though that I am 100% not a fan of electric cars! It’s raining now, I’m glad I chose not to ride today!

10 thoughts on “eBikes Are Much More Fun!

  1. Out here there isn’t anywhere to ride one. Soon enough there will be groups of riders on regular bikes out but people get so annoyed trying to get past them on these country roads. It wouldn’t be so bad, but some riders deliberately make it hard to get by when getting past them and away is safer than riding behind them at a pace of maybe five mph.

  2. I love the though of an electric bike. It would be great for June to September here.
    Why not electric cars?
    They are really popular where I live. There is even a wait list to buy them.

  3. It’s fun to hear why you like your e-bike. I’m a bit confused on the pedaling versus the power part. How does it work? You can set the speed at which you’re supposed to be pedaling and then if you’re not, the bike takes over? I’m with you on the electric cars, we don’t see many here in WI due to the cold weather. Happy trails to you!!

  4. My bike standing in our balcony, still I haven’t an experience with my bike… I hope in here I would be able for this. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Bingo! Exactly correct, Annelli. Speaking honestly, I am out of shape, riding the bike still gives me plenty of exercise. Perfect. 😊

      • They are quite the rage among those of us who want to get exercise without overdoing it. I think the Captain and I will have to “join the e-bikers.”

        • That’s good, I hope so! They are pricey but well worth the investment. People also put chains on the tires and ride in winter too. My bike is attached to my home owner insurance.

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