26 thoughts on “Thirsty Quackers

    • Wow Lavinia, I apologise if I am the problem. I have been in contact with those WP engineers frequently because I can’t remove unwanted followers. What they told me is the my blog needs to catch up, or sync before I can remove them. They are right. I also post no more than 5 times per day. I understand that this can make it difficult for people to stay up to date with my posts. Sorry about this.

      • No worries. Something similar happened a couple of years ago after catching up on your blog, and I suspected WP “Like” policing software was the problem. Hopefully it will resolve with time.

        I enjoy your posts, but can’t comment all the time, so just know you are appreciated.

        • It is definitely “Like” policing software. The latest update on the link I gave you says it is most likely generated from trying to catch up with you. I am getting passed from person to person right now.

  1. Hi John, I love the ducks!

    I am still having WP problems, and cannot “Like” people’s posts or comments now. So far, I can still comment.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. This site is on the business plan and uses plugins, I have no idea if this is causing the problem but nobody else has mentioned a problem with the Like button.

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