Lake Mead Is In Trouble…

Have a look at the photo of a boat ramp along the shore of Lake Mead. I took this photo a couple of days ago with my sister in the truck, I wanted to show her how critically low the lake really is.

She was shocked! As she should be. You can easily see where the waterline should be, the lake has not been at full pond since the early or mid 198os! Yet, home building and the population of the city of Las Vegas continue to grow, Very sad and scary, isn’t it?

My sister was picked up about an hour ago by my niece and her husband, they are going to be heading south into Arizona now as part two of her holiday. I will take her to the airport in a few days. ❤️

22 thoughts on “Lake Mead Is In Trouble…

  1. It is scary to hear how water is becoming more scarce. I also don’t understand how new subdivisions can be built given the lower supply of water or how companies like Nestle can continue to extract so much water from the land.

    • Yes, very scary! No water, no life. People here need to stop using water as though there is an endless supply, it’s a very finite resource!

  2. We’ve had drought times here, but the water levels never reached that bad of a point. But they are building so many new housing developments who knows what’s going to happen. We need to wake up to what we’re doing.

  3. Are your water bills astronomical? Just wondering. Ours are ridiculous and we have no shortage of water. ( And Dan and I use very little). We rarely water our small front lawn and use rain water for the garden and planters – we have a water barrel and a big tank to collect the rainwater from the house and garage eaves.

    • A good question, Anne Marie, my water bill is about $30 bucks a month, I try hard to use very little water. 👍🏻😊

      • Ours was $30. every three months until about ten years ago. Now it goes up every six months and they add new fees. It used to be water, then they added sewer charges and it doubled. Then they added recycling. (Our municipal taxes cover garbage ?). Our MONTHLY water/sewer/recycling bill now runs $130.-160. a month. I don’t know how families survive.

    • This is a terrible situation, Susan. The world has only so much fresh water, and the cost of desalinisation is so high! I think this may come to a point in the future that humans will need to scramble to begin making fresh water regardless of money. We do after all live on a planet that is 70+ percent water.

  4. Yes, Lake Mead is approx. 182 feet below “full.” In 1922, when the water in the Colorado River was allocated among the 7 states that comprise its watershed, there were less than 100 years of records on its flow & it was at one of its highest periods in history. For years we’ve known they allocated more water than flows down the river.

    • Hi, how have you been? This is a dire crisis and the folks that live here need to remove those damn grass lawns for starters, and install Desert Scape like I have. Rocks and faux grass! Last summer, my neighbor installed brand new sod. Umm, bad idea but that is of course none of my business. 😩😭

    • Yes, I just now finished reading an article about this. The lake could reach Dead Pool status in 2024. That means that there isn’t enough water coming into the turbines at Hoover Dam to cause them to rotate which of course means no electricity. Perhaps I should go home to Michigan now before my home loses it’s value!

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