14 thoughts on “Beautiful Red

    • Thank you, Susan! Thanks for asking, I am much better, however my sister has tested negative now but is dealing with a horrid cough and still feels like shit if I may say. She is to fly back to Florida tomorrow too, so she is sleeping in her hotel room near the airport today as much as possible. I feel so bad for her. We will all be back together back home in Michigan in just a few weeks though during the first of my summer visits. ❤️

      • Well, I hope she feels better soon. My daughter-in-law had a cough for about three weeks last summer when they had Covid. I guess it affects everyone a little differently.

        • I’m glad that she is better now. I agree, look at the difference in how my body handled this. Other than what seems to be a head cold, it’s all gone. The vaccine does work in spite of what all the naysayers believe.

          She should be back in Florida now and I hope she’s sleeping and better very soon. 🙏🏻

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