Photos From This Morning

The next windstorm has arrived bringing with it rain and sunshine thanks to that atmospheric river oddity.

4 thoughts on “Photos From This Morning

  1. It looks beautiful, being able to look up into the mountains and see snow, but it is warmer down below. It is like that here, green in winter and one can look up at snow capped mountains.

    How is your sister feeling now?

    • It’s very beautiful isn’t it! Thank you for asking, Lavinia, she is feeling much better today and tested negative too! I tested myself at home and also still tested negative after testing negative at the clinic a few days ago too. Thank God!

    • Thank you, Maria! Our west coast has seen record snowfall and rain these last several months that has resulted in so much damage to too many people.

      Yet, Las Vegas is also getting much-needed rain too. What the heck is going on?

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