Who Knew That Rocks Could Be Beautiful?

I still have a few rock photos to upload so I hope that you aren’t tired of them! I mentioned a few posts back that I had apparently contracted Covid. Well, I tested negative at the clinic the other day and have been taking the medications prescribed by the doctor.

I feel better today but my sister got hit much harder than I did. She too is recuperating in a hotel room and hoping that she can fly back to Florida soon, we want to avoid infecting our dad who is approaching his 95th birthday next month.

Back in the day nobody could have imagined something so shitty happening to us and the entire planet.

20 thoughts on “Who Knew That Rocks Could Be Beautiful?

    • Thanks, Susan, my sister is worse than I am unfortunately but is getting better each day as am I. My achy legs stopped aching and my lungs are clear according to the doctor at the clinic a couple days ago. This totally blew away her plans for part two of her holiday to be spent with her daughter and daughter’s husband. Still, it could be worse!

  1. Great photos! I’m so sorry to hear COVID…I wishing you both a speedy recovery! Sending huge hugs! ❤️

    • Thank you, we are both better today, she was supposed to come back to my place for a day before flying back to Florida but will now grab a hotel before leaving. I don’t want her to come back here and risk re-infecting us both which sounds mean but there is nothing bad meant by that. Dad will be 95 in three or four days.

    • Thank you, Lavinia, I am feeling better but sister is a bit worse off but getting better too thank God! 🙏🏻❤️

    • I’m not sure they are alive but they are very beautiful in this gorgeous state park, Kaya. ❤️

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