A Hike at Lost Crick

Here are some photos of our hike at Lost Crick the other day. This hike is inside the paid 12-mile loop which passes by Red Rock Canyon proper. There are several trails for hiking in this area and it was well worth the $22.00 entrance fee for my sister and me. The fee will end when the hot weather arrives in a few weeks. Who wants to hike or climb rocks at 112F? We didn’t reach the little squirting waterfall because of the huge muddy area about 100 feet from it but others did and the trail was fairly busy too. My sister is short and petite just as our mother was and she (sister) can be a little firecracker on certain things as was our mom!

16 thoughts on “A Hike at Lost Crick

    • It was, thanks, Lavinia! I messed up though and wore my street shoes, not the hiking tennies! The next 12 hours saw her go down from the virus. 😭

    • Well, you won’t last long, Bruce! The heat is very dangerous. It seems like once every summer we hear about someone being overcome by the heat. People have got to take this very seriously.

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