Heading For The Airport

These photos were taken last Thursday on the way to and at the airport to pick my sister up. I was parked in the cell phone waiting area which afforded some great angles to capture the aircraft as they left the runway. These airliners are my favorite type of airplanes.

Who Knew That Rocks Could Be Beautiful?

I still have a few rock photos to upload so I hope that you aren’t tired of them! I mentioned a few posts back that I had apparently contracted Covid. Well, I tested negative at the clinic the other day and have been taking the medications prescribed by the doctor.

I feel better today but my sister got hit much harder than I did. She too is recuperating in a hotel room and hoping that she can fly back to Florida soon, we want to avoid infecting our dad who is approaching his 95th birthday next month.

Back in the day nobody could have imagined something so shitty happening to us and the entire planet.