Black Light on A Dust Mop

I was scanning the house for scorpions the other night and came upon the dust mop which to my surprise had a big glow because of the black light. No scorpions were found inside, but I did find one outside hiding on the pavers. Nasty varmints! One sting and you’re off to the emergency room!

Today’s silly photo

Sweet Memories

I stumbled across this iPhone photo from last year while looking for something else in my cloud storage this morning. Isn’t it great that photos are sometimes dropped into the wrong folder? I can’t begin to tell you of the multiple sweet memories I have of this lake. Fun, family, and friends.

When You Are Radio Addicted…

Ham radio and CB Radio have been a part of my life since 1979, my last year of high school. In the early 1980s, there was a “CB Craze”. It seemed that everyone had a radio in their car, it was great fun talking on these radios and this is where my radio addiction began.

I’ve been thinking about putting the CBs in the truck and give them some airtime which I did this afternoon as you can see.

The antenna mount for the VHF/UHF radio is an NMO series connection, one that I can adapt to use with a CB radio if I can find the right parts which eliminates having to use another antenna for the CB radios. Are ya with me so far?  I may pick up another CB too which will bring the total up to four CBs.

It’s a fun addiction and keeps me busy.

Sunny Summerlin

Here are some older photos of Downtown Summerlin. The size discrepancy of the photos is because I stopped using the 1024×768 format for the 1500×1000 for Nikon photos, and 1500×844 for iPhone photos. Can you tell that there is water over those rocks? By the way, I’ve decided to dock the Pedego bike for now because of the near-sunburn I got a while back is such that I better stay out of the sun for extended periods. I stuffed the bike into a spare bedroom, so sad! 😂

Fun on One?

Have you ever tried riding one of these things? I haven’t and never will because I have read some horror stories about people being severely injured. I also read an article about how some governing bodies want these things made illegal. Yet, the company that builds them is going full steam ahead the last I checked. Our high-temperature today will be 94 degrees, it seems that the 100s aren’t too far in the future.

Visit the One Wheel website.

Happy Daze

Since legalisation in Nevada, the number of dispensaries has skyrocketed as one would expect. Keep an eye out for them and you will see many, some of which must be kind of like the Mom and Pop businesses that have made America great. Whether you agree with the product these companies sell or not, they are here to stay. I was at a traffic light when I photographed the shop. The stoners around here must be happy that they have Del Taco munchie food nearby! 😂

Beautiful White and What?

Sorry, I am terribly color blind in the blue frequency range of colors. Are the blue flowers blue, navy blue, or purple? I don’t know! Back in the day, ex-number two used to color code by number my work suits, crazy stuff, eh? I changed the site back to all-white this afternoon, and the funny thing is that I never knew exactly what color I was using. That’s probably not a good thing, right? 🫣😂