The Petrol Ripoff

One station sells for $4.45 while down the way a different station sells for just under $4.00 dollars. The Moapa travel plaza sold us gas for $3.80 50 minutes north of Las Vegas near the Valley of Fire state park. So, who’s pulling our strings here? Do you feel like a chess piece on the chessboard?

12 thoughts on “The Petrol Ripoff

    • Oh that’s so ridiculous, Charlotte! My friend who lives among the moors there says that we are lucky, now I know why he said that! I assume that the price is for petrol, not diesel.

  1. Here there aren’t many independent gas dealerships anymore and the chain ones are price controlled by head office. They watch each other and historical numbers for holidays, weekends, etc. Plus.. price of oil… Add in all of the federal and provincial taxes and determine their price.

    • Federal and state, federal and provincial – same old nonsense, right? There are some presumably stand-alone dealers here like Terrible’s (ridiculous name) that have been in Vegas for literally many decades. The others like Shell may be independently owned and operated.

    • That is what a friend I’ve followed for years says. He lives near the Blubberhouses moor and others and loves walking them. Nobody offers a good reason for this crap either, do they, it never happens here.

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