500 Million Years Ago

Many years ago the desert southwest was once a shallow sea teeming with life as you can see in the photos. This display and more are inside the visitor center at the 12-mile scenic loop drive at Red Rock Canyon. I took these photos not long before my sister and I took the hike at Lost Creek Trail.

11 thoughts on “500 Million Years Ago

    • A shallow sea would be very sandy I suppose but the plants were very different! Nice to see you, Anne Marie! ☺️

    • Thank you, Shelley! She got hammered hard with Covid while I never tested positive being around her coughing. She is now negative and re-couperating at my dad’s place in Florida but had a horrible plane ride back.

      • Aw, that’s a bummer. Sorry to hear about your sister, glad you didn’t catch it yet. I bet the plane ride to FL wasn’t pleasant. FL is a great place to recover – the warm salty air will help!

        • I hope that it does help her, Shelley, and the house is about one mile from the coast too. Salty air. It was 85 down there the other day. I never tested positive, talking to sister on the phone last night, I could swear that I was talking to someone else because her voice was waaaay off!

            • Thank you so much, Shelley! She is on the mend be it very slowly. My dad is 95 years young today and currently in the sky heading home to Michigan for the summer. ❤️

              • You’re welcome! That’s good she’s on the mend and getting better day-by-day. I hope your dad’s flight was nice and on time. He’s heading into yucky weather in MI. Hopefully, he’s bringing back some nice warm weather to scare winter out of MI!

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