Fried or Baked?

Which do you prefer? The baked chicken took about ten more minutes to cook than the pan-fried chicken did but I like both of them. They each have a different and likable flavor. I purchased one of those long trays of very thin-sliced chicken breasts and didn’t want it to go bad so I used both cooking methods to get the cooking done and then promptly inhaled all of the fried chicken! Mm chicken!

12 thoughts on “Fried or Baked?

    • Oh my gosh, your mom knows the way to a man’s heart! I should grab some gravy for the chicken for added flavor. it’s not super dry the way I make it but it could be more moist too. Mm GRAVY!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ€­β€οΈ

    • I should try that next time since I recently replaced the old countertop oven, this one can do the air fry thing. ❀️

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