Packard Easy Park

Obviously, this video was recorded more than a few years ago, so why is this simple technology not in use today? And, today’s cars are in some cases much lighter than a good old Packard which was built in Detroit, Michigan. Is parallel parking easy for you?

4 thoughts on “Packard Easy Park

  1. I was always a great parallel parker until I got a new car a few years ago. The shape of it has made it hard for me to get in on the first try! Makes me crazy! And it has a back up camera but I find it doesn’t help with the parallel parking

  2. I suspect the added mechanism(s) involved proved to be too often in need of repair…?

    Yes. Parallel parking is easy for me. I had a good teacher (my wife, who was my girlfriend at the time!)

    • I suspect that you are right, Boromax! They didn’t have carbon fiber and other materials back then.

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