Visiting The Smog Hut

This year the state of Nevada only boned me $184 bucks for my registration and license plate renewal. It was much more last year, perhaps my being 62 years young now has something to do with that. The fee for the smog test was $33 bucks. Was this $217 bucks well spent?

12 thoughts on “Visiting The Smog Hut

  1. We need to get 3 of our 4 inspected and registered pronto. Usually it’s about $8 for inspection and $100 for registration. But we live out in the country. I think it’s much higher in Harris county (Houston).

    • They really stick it to ya with fees! A fee there and a fee here! Oh, why not charge them that fee too! Ridiculous money grab.

  2. Wow our registration is so much more expensive. We pay over $800 a year for it. Though a major part of that is for 3rd party insurance. It doesn’t cover anything but people, so it will cover you if you hurt someone in a car accident.

    • Wow man, there are gaping holes in that coverage! I’ve learned tonight that the Canadian system could be more costly and with less coverage. Why is this situation not far more exposed on local TV stations!

    • Just people? That is of course important but why not cover the vehicle too? And at such cost, wow.

      • I think they think you can do that yourself, but as many people don’t take out insurance at all they want to make sure that people who are injured are covered. Though we have free health here, so I think it must be more if people are seriously hurt, can’t work and that sort of thing. It isn’t so bad, but if it covered the vehicle as well it would make it so much more complicated. Cars cost different amounts of money, and then there are cars that people drive that they only get bomb insurance on. So it is probably easier and then you also get the insurance you want on your car.

        • By Bomb insurance you must mean what we call PLPD which means the very least insurance policy possible. There are different tiers of insurance coverage here from multiple companies. Canad and the UK have free health insurance but I’m on the fence about this, Leanne. I hear some bad stories about it and some Canadians head south to have their medical needs taken care of in the States.

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