Where My Home Used To Be

These photos are from 2019 in west central Florida where I lived in the early 1990s. The huge house you see was not there until 2016 or so. The home I had was far smaller and was destroyed in the flood of 1993. We lost a ton of stuff including a brand-new Pontiac Bonneville.

Someone built a freaking mansion on that tiny lot which seems ridiculous but hey, it’s not my money. Spring forward until very recently when my sister sold her home in Fort Myers because of that damn hurricane. There you have it, a brother and sister who both got screwed by severe weather in that state.

Today I ask myself why the hell people are still moving down there? Apologies, I don’t intend to come across as crass. 🤭

10 thoughts on “Where My Home Used To Be

  1. I never understood why anyone would want a huge house and no yard either. Or why someone would build in an area that had issues with flooding in the past. That’s a hard pass for me.

    • The house is likely a Stilt House. The area under it is a garage and storage that is meant to let the sea come in hopefully without damaging the home above. They are common and very expensive!

    • Ahh, you recall this! It was such a huge shock, Derrick. My now ex and I lost so much yet God got our baby daughter and us through this. He is good! ❤️🙏🏻☺️

  2. Tampa Bay has never experienced the wrath of a hurricane that destroys homes, etc. We have been extremely lucky! My husband did experience the wrath of hurricane Iniki in Hawaii in 92. Fort Myers is where my brother has a time share in a condo. It is nice there. I realize it might only be a matter of time but I do like living in Florida.

    • I understand and didn’t mean to come across so harsh, but her and I can’t forget this stuff. She may relocate to Arizona for the winters as did one of my cousins from Minnesota. We just don’t have those problems with tornadoes and hurricanes here. I’m staying put here in the dry desert.

  3. How terrible, stuff to think about before settling down.. We heard about the tornado’s last week, that’s something we don’t have here (until now). I can’t imagine loosing everything you worked for and knowing the speed of the assurance compagnies….

    • It’s a terrible thing to have happen to you, Rudi, I will never live in Florida again. A visit is fine though. The tornado outbreak has sadly happened before. That area of the States gets so many tornado’s it’s ridiculous. All of the senseless death and destruction. To me it’s not unlike living in Florida. It’s not a matter of if but of when you are going to get hit.

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