Really Old Wood

This petrified log was found on a short hike in the Valley Of Fire a few days ago with my sister. I wish that this old rock could tell us of the things it has seen and heard. Amazing…

13 thoughts on “Really Old Wood

    • Imagine an ancient forest here, Derrick, and in another era this was a warm, shallow sea here. Eons of time and change!

  1. Very fascinating. Have you been to Petrified Forest National Park in AZ? I hadn’t heard of it when I saw the signs announcing the park during a road trip. We made a detour there and it was amazing. If you haven’t been there yet I do recommend a visit. I hope you are well John.

    • Hi Maria! I hope you guys are well. I’ve not been to that place before but it sounds amazing. Anything that talks about the eons of time and eras that have come and gone here is always fascinating to me. I had a short bout with Covid thanks to my sister visiting but she is doing much better now back home in Michigan. I tested neagative twice…

    • Thanks so much, Lavinia, I really wanted to run my hands across this log and see what happens. The time that has passed in this log’s lifetime is beyond our comprehension I suppose.

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