Well That’s Much Better!

Sunshine and 76F today and sunshine and 85 Sunday, it’s about time we got back to normal temperatures! I’m excited to have warmer weather back in the valley now. This is so overdue!

14 thoughts on “Well That’s Much Better!

  1. Yep, and if Migraine Free, I am going to church tomorrow! Then I am staying overnight in the hotel with Cin’s Daughter and Granddaughters so her Daughter can go visit her in the hospital.

    • Oh yaah! It’s so nice this morning, a perfect time to enjoy the backyard and maybe see some Hummingbirds at the feeder. ❤️

        • Thank you, Beth, me too. I see daily on TV the onslaught of rain rain rain back east and it’s crazy! We got so much rain over the winter but it is badly needed.

    • Thank you, Marcus, and I wish you guys very safe travels. It’s about time we got some warmer weather here.

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