A Late Afternoon In The Backyard

The iPhone 12 did a great job capturing these photos, didn’t it? You can’t see it but the neighbors have a nice pool in the backyard and there are a bunch of noisy children having a blast.

What is it about water that makes kids so happy?

Is it because they were recently released from the womb and find the fluid environment familiar and comforting? I wish there were a swimming pool in my little backyard, perhaps a kiddy pool will do?

14 thoughts on “A Late Afternoon In The Backyard

  1. We used to have a pool but we found it a lot of work for the time we used it. When my son was a LOT younger we had a pool at that house too but we did use it a lot because as you say kids love the water.

    • I understand what you mean. Here, a pool I am told does not add a ton of value to the resale value of a home, maybe 15% or something like that. I’m no expert, and my backyard is way too small for even a lap pool.

  2. Nice photos, John! There is a pool in our community and it’s full of kids having fun in the summer.

  3. There’s a lot of room for fun in that backyard!! I think it is so wonderful that you found a house that became a home John, in a place that you love.

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