A Riding Video

The video is only 50 seconds long and a bit too wobbly but you get the idea I hope. I wasn’t expecting those guys and was worried that I might hit them! I snickered because the guy on the rollerblades was wearing super short gym shorts like we used to wear in the gym in high school in the late 1970s! The plant photo was taken at the main entrance to Tivoli Village near the roads.

3 thoughts on “A Riding Video

  1. Thank you, Thank you! What a nice road is it only for bikes,…? I wished to be there… Love, nia

    • Thanks so much, Kathleen Jennette! Yep, it’s an electric bike and the motor is a bit noisy but it’s so worth it! I was at the shop where I purchased it over a year ago this morning making a service appointment for this Friday.

      The brakes need adjustment and may need new brake pads since they last around 1500 miles and the bike has just over 1400 miles on it now. This is the first generation of this model that has the 500 watt motor.

      Gen 2 has a 750 watt motor and a bit different battery configuration. Some of them now have front shocks available too which I don’t need since I ride street.

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