Another Ride Under a Beautiful Blue Sky!

Sunshine and 85 degrees, another fun ride this early afternoon. My neck is getting sunburnt. I stopped by the place I purchased the bike from over a year ago and made a service appointment for the bike this coming Friday morning. Service intervals are much shorter for these bikes than a car, of course, and the brake pads may need replacement already since they only last for around 1500 miles and the bike has 1400+ miles on it now. I was a bad biker yesterday and today because I didn’t wear a helmet! It’s risky but life is inherently risky just getting out of bed each day. What did life throw at you today?

4 thoughts on “Another Ride Under a Beautiful Blue Sky!

  1. I can understand you, about riding bike… Still mine is waiting for me. There are many reasons for this, but first one is about my problems, Today it is raining and very dark. Your photographs are beautiful, blue is very dreamy for me, really in here, we forgot blue sky… Thank you dear John, have a nice day and enjoyable ride, Love, nia

      • I hope too… it’s been raining almost for three days, and still it rains. Sometime very heavy. I have already pains of my legs now. Thank you dear for yout nice wishes. Good evening, Love, nia

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