It’s An Addiction…

Purchasing this E-Bike was probably the best decision I have made in the last year and a half in terms of my health and exercise. Don’t be fooled, riding an electric bike comes with its own challenges and still gives me plenty of exercise!

I listened to a podcast this afternoon that had one of the owners of our local Pedego dealers talking. It was a great twenty-minute podcast about how electric bikes have been exploding in popularity here in Las Vegas for a while now which I find excellent.

Riding this bike has become somewhat of an addiction for me and I’ve always had an addictive personality which hasn’t always been a good thing either! I hope that you will excuse the many photos I have posted about biking for some time now, I don’t want this site to be more boring than it already is!

14 thoughts on “It’s An Addiction…

  1. If I had somewhere safe to ride I might consider one, but out here, there is nowhere. Anyway, share away, I find the photos interesting even if I don’t comment on them all.

    • I agree! I want to get as many rides in as possible before the 100s come although some people do ride in that heat!

    • Yes, exactly, Derrick. The more you pedal, the more battery you conserve. My bike is a Class-2 bike which has a throttle and goes no faster than 20mph which is far more than fast enough. Different states have different laws on this which is I am guessing similar to the different villages and towns having their own laws?

    • Thank you, K!! You betcha, a bike is like a car in that if you take care of it, it will take care of you. We humans love our mechanical beasts! 🤭

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