Lamps Of Tivoli

Drugs, that is what today has been about for me. I hit the pharmacy for two refills and also tried again this morning to get my doctor to call in an antibiotic or something that would help my sinus dry out. That was a joke, the guy on the other end could not speak proper English again, so I just hung up.

Our medical system was not good before Covid, today it’s slipped down a few more notches in my opinion. So frustrating! While at the pharmacy, the young lady behind the plexiglass asked me if I had received the latest version of the Covid vaccine.

It turns out that I did not have it so I rolled up my left sleeve for yet another vaccination. So far, I haven’t felt like puking! I am double-vaxxed, double-boosted, and now have a new updated Covid vaccine. We never know what each day will throw at us, do we…

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