iPhone Raw

While riding my bike I tend to switch between the iPhone’s stock camera and the Pro Camera application which is a paid app. The Pro Camera app has many more features than the stock application and is much easier to switch the aspect ratio to the setting I like to shoot at which is 16:9.

This results in an image that is 1000×844 which is one that I have chosen for my iPhone photography. Changing this setting in the phone’s stock application is more difficult. You must go to each photo and change the aspect ratio per photo apparently which is a hassle.

The image size is PPPPx1125 which renders the image more square. Yuck, I’m not a fan. I did some research for a different application this afternoon looking for something better than the Pro Camera which totally fell apart as this application was the best I could find, and the subscription is paid too.

I’ll be satisfied with Pro Camera. This image was captured in RAW and is at the 16:9 aspect ratio.

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