Sunny and 75 Degrees

That is the forecast for Las Vegas Valley today which is beautiful. Tomorrow, I am supposed to ride the bike to the Pedego dealer where I purchased the bike for a proper tuneup. The entire bike needs adjustments and I much prefer to pay a few bucks to have a trained technician work on the bike because I will just mess it up! I think that today is a fine day for a ride too.

20 thoughts on “Sunny and 75 Degrees

    • Thanks, Bruce, I put the bike through it’s paces while riding so a bit of maintenance always helps!

    • Why thank you! I’m not though, it’s easy to put 20 miles behind you riding an electric bike. This is the first bike that I’ve ever put 1400 miles on!

  1. We are getting up to 85 here today and up to 90 tomorrow!….so ….maybe we in Boston need to take have some palm trees too. 😜

    • Hi Valeria, maybe you can find some faux palm trees for your backyard? A few years ag back in Michigan, a landscaping company brought in some real palm trees and stood them up at the entrance to the place along the road. It was very odd seeing two huge palm trees in Michigan! Enjoy the warmth. ❀️🌴😎

  2. Visual beauty, John! It’s snowing again where I live but for a few days we had the blue sky and sunshine.

    • Yes, this way we know the bike will be operating correctly instead of me messing up the gear system as an example! 😎

    • That’s for sure, Ingrid! I need to get biking before the summer 100s hit just like in your area. πŸ”₯

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