Wild Flowers Along The Bike Path

This was a pleasant surprise that demanded stopping for the photos, look how brilliant yellow they are! I rode 18 miles today after making a stop at the Pedego dealer where I purchased the bike over one year ago for a much-needed tune-up.

The guy did a solid job and was amazed that the bike still has its original tires at 1400 miles. Apparently, Pedego uses some damn tough rubber.

Something very disturbing happened along the way today as I was nearing home. I was ascending the path that takes you over one of the main roads I cross and came upon a man who was clearly homeless. He had a bicycle that was loaded down with his stuff.

Out of nowhere, the guy screamed at me and told me to **** off while he was swinging his right leg across the ground attempting to knock me down. Of course, I just kept on riding up that ramp at a very fast pace. There was another guy on a bike at the top who was laughing at the guy below us.

I wanted to say hey man, that’s NOT funny! And it’s not. The man seemed to be having a psychotic event. I’m glad that I got away and I have been kind of upset by the whole thing this afternoon. I sincerely hope that this man can get the help that he seriously needs very soon. God bless him.

20 thoughts on “Wild Flowers Along The Bike Path

    • Thank you, Belinda! I was a bit shook up for the rest of yesterday from the encounter with that guy. I passed through that same area today on my bike and was slow to approach.

  1. Beautiful flowers. My son came out of a store recently to see an older gentleman yelling and waving about a cane shouting they should burn the store down. So many in need of help.

    • Thank you, Richard, me too. I passed through that area again today and was cautious. A slow approach was needed, you never know. I feel so bad for this man.

    • You are so right, Venus, and that sucks but I still feel a bit angry that the other biker I came upon on top the pathway was laughing. Damn it, this is not funny. There is a man’s soul at stake here. 😡😭🙏🏻❤️

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