Go Ahead Kitty, Have A Drink!

The Tivoli Lion wants a drink but he is frozen in time… Sunshine and 83 wonderful degrees are on tap today but yours truly won’t be riding today thanks to my red arms and legs. It could be worse!

5 thoughts on “Go Ahead Kitty, Have A Drink!

  1. We went for our first bike ride today! It was a balmy 26 Celsius! But Canada is a weird country, tomorrow night we are back down to -1 Celsius! lol

    • I am glad that you got out there! The same thing is happening with the weather in Wisconsin to an online friend. Flip flop weather… Blah!

    • Hi Derrick, my arms sting just a tiny bit which means I should stay under a roof today. A little couch time works for me along with a ride in the truck later.

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