Is It a Bee or A Fly?

Last fall I had to replace one of the bushes in front of my home before the HOA caught it which they did. While on weed patrol this afternoon, I noticed these cute, tiny flowers on the bush blooming nicely. I didn’t see the bee or fly until the image was on the MacBook’s screen. What is it, a bee or a fly? I can’t tell but it’s more likely to be a bee. Beeautiful! Photographed with the Nikon Z50 and the 16-50mm lens.

15 thoughts on “Is It a Bee or A Fly?

    • Thanks so much, Eugenia! I was surprised to see them, didn’t know this new replacement bush would flower!

  1. It’s so fun to catch a bug in a photo that you didn’t know was there! That looks like a White Spirea bush. They are so pretty, nice that you were able to catch the blooming stage!!

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